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Hump Day Bath

So I haven't had a long bath in years, and today I had the pleasure of taking a 5 minutes bath and I feel AMAZING. I know taking a bath is not the best way of taking a shower because of the amount of water used. But Every now and then a long bath is a good idea because it contains a lot of benefits. A long bath goes a long way because it relax muscles, calm your mind, detoxify, moisturize, stimulate circulation and clear your lymph system. A long with a great bath I had the pleasure of having an organic green ginger tea. Green tea is one thing drink beside water that every person should drink once a day before starting their day. Green tea has great health benefits, it can reduce the risk of cancer, ease the pain of rheumatoid arthritis, boosts immune system, and helps to fend off infections, and among others. 

Happy Hump Day

Sunny to Raining

Nothing says summer like rain. Just When I am about to enjoy my sunny day of DIY and laundry mother earth decided to cry, and now all I can do is nothing. But it gives me the chance to blog so its win win situation. So lately I've been really into gardening which I don't know why. However, I have a theory that the knowledge of planting something and then seeing it grow over the course of time makes me feel proud of myself because I feel like I've achieved something.  So far I have three plants, which are still alive which I am so proud of. The first is Cinnamon Basil, Green bell pepper, and unknown. As always I am being green here, so instead of using a gardening pots, I decided to use Starbucks and Bridgehead cups which looks pretty cool. Also Today had the chance to do my laundry, and unlike the majority of the population I don't use machine to dry my clothes, but I hang dry it. Hang drying your clothes has great benefits, like you can save money, reduce CO2 emissions, a…

Spicy Beans

Hello gals and gents, hope you're all having an amazing start to the week. As a vegetarian people always ask me where I get my proteins and I always say tofu because I love Tofu, but there are other sources of proteins as well such as beans. So Today i took the day off to make a yummy black beans stew. Its really simple and took me less than a 30 minutes to cook. The key to this yummy recipes is the spices. All the products for this stew was bought at Herb and Spice Shop on Bank Street.

-Black Beans (caned) and pink beans
-2-3 tbs of oil (vegetable, corn or olive)
-1 small onion, diced
-3 jalapeño pepper (diced)
-6 red Cayenne pepper
-Green onion (chop)
-Parsley leaf
-2 tbsp of curry powder
-2 tbsp of Cayenne ground pepper
-2 tbsp of chill Mexican powder
-2 tbsp of cumin powder
-2 tbsp of black pepper
-1 tbsp of salt
-2 tbsp of white vinegar 

 -Drain and resine beans. Cook for about 5 minutes. Drain and resin again. 
-Cook onion till golden brown (spice with 1 tbsp of cayen…



Rainbow Dinner

Hi everyone, so continuing on my vegan recipes this is among my favor dish to make. Its very simple and doesn't cost much. Overall I spent about $20 which is pretty good because people think being a vegan is expansive, which can be sometimes.
All the ingredients  can be  bought at your grocer store. If you live in Ottawa Canada, the Herb and Spice store is perfect because you get a discount if you are a student like myself, but mostly importantly all of their products are organic. 
All the products used are organic. 
-Green, yellow, and red bell pepper 
-Tofu (firm)
-Apple (red ideally)
-Curry Powder
-Cumin Powder
-Mexican chili powder
-Olive oil 
To start cut the tofu and apple into little dices. Slice bell peppers and eggplant into any shapes you'd like. 
Spice the tofu, apple, peppers and eggplant. 
Heat olive oil in a skillet and shallow fry the eggplant until deeply golden. Do the same with the bell peppers. Repeat the same process with the tofu and apple t…

Krysten Ritter for HRC's Americans for Marriage Equality


Vegan Breakfast !

This is my vegan breakfast,
1. Cranberry (dried) vitamin C and fiber
2. Raspberry-vitamin C 53%
3. Snap pea-protein 23%
4. Blackberry-folate 36mcg
5. Glass of organ juice
6. Water!