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Before we get to what I am up to this weekend let me start by saying that I’ve finally found a job! coffee barista at Bridgehead Coffee House. I am so happy not because I’ve finally found a job, but also because I hang out a lot in Bridgehead, and enjoy their serve, atmosphere and what it stands for so the idea of working there is not the worst thing that could ever happen to me. But also if you know, you know that I have this crazy obsession and addiction to café or coffee houses. I can’t wait to start my first shift and have my life back to normalcy; with that being said I will keep you guys updated on everything e.g., how my shift went etc…
So lets talk about what I am up to weekend, I’ve decided to take a personal day off today so all I have been doing today is things that I’ve been meaning to do such as Reading, having some meditation time, laundry, enjoying the sun and doing yoga. It has been a very successful day of body and mind cleansing. I am planning on continuing this perso…

It's Monday, but it's okay

It’s Monday! But it’s okay. I don’t know about everyone, but I like Mondays; I know a lot of people hate it because that’s when work starts or its time to go back to school, and among others things. Monday should be renamed FUN DAY!!. Regardless of your opinion about Monday here are some things to start the week with, which I think will make your week or at least the transition from weekend to Monday smoothly. This video is probably one of my favourite music video right now, Sia is an amazing artist and this song and video personifies her amazing talent ability. Based on this song alone, O cannot wait for the album to come out.  This is a simple recipe that I think everyone and anyone can do; even a child. The best part about it is that it is completely vegan and it’s CHEAP!! Which is something I love. Also, it’s great for littler party or gathering; or especially on those days when you are not in the mood for making big lunch, or just lazy. It’s simple, cheap and healthy.


Weekend adventure: Marathon!

This weekend I ran my fourth marathon (5K) and I’ve finally came close to reaching my ultimately goal of running under 30 minutes. Even though my time was 31:05 and not 20 something as I planned, I am still proud of myself because now I can start training future marathons. I am currently trying to find job and it seems like retail is no longer for me, so I am currently training to get my Smart Serve certification so I can find a job in the service industry of restaurants, which I think would probably be a better fitting for me because I will be dealing with food all day, and you guys know how I love my food; the ultimate job for a foodie is to work in restaurant. I will get you guys updated if and when I get my certificate and find a job. I’ve recently developed this strange liking toward asparagus, which is strange because I’ve tried a year ago and I could not bring myself to eat it. But for the last few weeks it’s has been a stable in my diet; I’ve been adding it in everything that …

Raw Vegan Energy bars

After a long hours at the gym or a yoga class it's almost near to impossible to find a healthy energy bar that's vegan, raw, without food preservatives or unwanted chemicals. So I’ve decided to take actions into my own hands and create a raw vegan energy bar that’s completely naturally and YUMMM! This is a yummy treat that takes less than an hour to do giving me enough time to try a new yoga pose (Pada Bakasana A) and cost me only $10.00, which is a pretty good deal for someone who does not like spending too much money.

INGREDIENTS ·½ cup of raw almonds ·1 cup of pitted dates (20 pieces) ·½ cup dried unsweetened cherries ·¼ cup raw pecans ·½ kosher ·½ cup of white or red quinoa ·½ cup of chia seeds ·½ tsp. lavender extract ·Raw ginger (5 slices) ·Vegan chocolate (brand Giddy Yoyo –Vanil